Wednesday, September 05, 2007

Stimulation through Diversity of People and Cultures

uploaded by twentyhertz on flickr

I have always had this need to travel and see other cultures. Im not really a museum person I love just watching the world go by in a different venue and find little differences. I guess my thoughts are always... what if another country or culture is doing what I do... in a better way. My views of diversity of experience has been illuminated further by Timo Veikkola a Future Strategist at Nokia and his presentation at PSFK London. I love how he takes photos of graffiti in cities and utilises it to detail the cultural status of the city/culture. Just makes research seem so real
I also love checking out another guy at Nokia's work. Jan Chipchase (great name). Check out his blog here.

I now have to figure out how to get my boss to sign off a few 'diversity' trips

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