Monday, November 06, 2006

Does everything have to go online ??

Well Mr Dennis has done it. After a lot of talk about it they have brought out a lads mag online. Looking at the last three or more magazine audits. The drop in the mens magazine market has been huge. Across all titles. Although their websites are still growing. No one has realy taken a stab at something new in this area until now.

If you look it in terms of the Mens magazine market. It works. The major audience spend a huge amount of time online. In more recent years the pictures in such titles have become somewhat pornographic and the porn industry have heralded the expanision of online. It also allows different elements of control of their content, which this age group have become used to. It also links to what they have been called 'the free generation' as they are used to getting things for free. Music, movies etc. But is this the start of the end of print. Working for a media agency I get this question all the time. Digital this and digital that.

I love spending time reading things online. Including a lot of your blogs. But I sat in a presentation from the management team of the telegraph and they discussed their future plans. They highlighted one thing. That I agree with. Although the content will be available online people still have an emotional attachment to sitting down at certain times with something physical. It is very true. I love sitting on sunday with my coffee and my breakfast and reading a physical paper. Its the same as when they stated the internet would ruin book sales. (although at the end of last year Sony gave it another go with their electronic reader and Google also putting books online)

But during the week at work when I am running at a million miles an hour. Something fast and quick online is what I prefer. Like this that the telegraph created trying to mix the two.

I love the idea of this and a number of other papers have done something similar. But thats the way I would like to read the paper during the week. I still love taking that time out on the weekends and really enjoying the actual paper in my hands.

In the future my kids will no doubt laugh at me like I laugh at my father when I try to explain how to make a phone call on skype to him. The problem is for the big publishers is that they currently give it away for free. I guess they have to work on how to charge for it.

Another good article on the future of newspapers here

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