Thursday, November 09, 2006

Peoples 'keeness to appropriate and affect'

I was over having a read through beeker 's play art post and saw a term that was used, that I really like. 'keeness to appropriate and affect' . It was made in terms of a collection art that was photographed down at southbank. There was an interesting point of 'advertisers are going to have to get used to it'

I also compared it to Gareth Kay's negative feeling toward user generated content which I, to some point agree with. Some collegues and I were discussing why Becks allowed people to create their own labels on the bottle. One guy thought it wasnt quite right as labelling on the bottle is such a clear indicator of the iconography of the brand. But what if the iconography of the brand is the fluid creativity of the UK's young upcoming artists. Then maybe it was right for the brand.

It seems that involvement of consumers in developing marketing and advertising creative is coming down to two simple things

1.Can the brand do it - is the relationship between the consumers and the brand going to allow this next step in the relationship

2. How did they do it - does it link to something of interest, as well as add value to the users lives or overall brand experience.

Having a think about this I have just two examples. One that is good and one that is bad.

I think Faris had a perfect example with McBloggers . Its not creating an ad, but its a bad example of a brand that cant play that game with consumers. It was also a terrible execution of the idea.

I have heard alot about the 'Art of the Heist' but I still had not seen it( I know Im way behind). I recently read an article in Fast Company that talks about the company that developed it. So what is it about these guys that leads to such a awesome idea. Who would come up with such an idea ?? Who else , but the guys who taught the movie business how to create hype around a movie. The guys that did Blair Witch Project. Both are really good examples of Faris's post on Nakeds new 'Transmedia (or what someone from the Guardian called Propagation) Planning. The art of utilising the different channels to add to the story of the brand. I think it also looks to Russ's comment on generating complexity in brands with simple rules.

But the greatest thing of all, about the art of the heist. Is that although we in advertising and marketing are all discussing the ways to develop such narratives. It wasnt developed by a bunch of guys from advertising or marketing.

It was created by a bunch of film makers. I love it

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