Monday, April 02, 2007

Music Marketing is changing - Musictoday

I have a love of business models. How people or companies come into a market and go.... 'I dont understand why they do it like that.... it just doesnt seem right. It should be done like this'. Then they go out and change the way a market looks at something. I found a great one.

Reading a great article over at one of my favourite media brands fast company and found out about a new model that John Legend and a group of friends found when he started out in the business instead of utilising the record label to do everything. Musictoday. Which mixes social networking, convergence culture, trans this and generally the move to ecommerce. I love it.
I have seen many media pitches for music business going the wrong way. You realise they still release music the same way they always have. Even with all the different changes to the market with the upgrade in technology

Musictoday’s spokesperson highlights that if you have a part in the transaction phase of anything, you get a lot of information on your consumers. This can feed back into important information on your market. Where to tour, when, against what groups etc.

This is fantastic and I hope it grows internationally and changes the music market.

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