Thursday, April 05, 2007

Twitter : The Agency's New Research Tool

I was just sitting in a meeting talking about the UK's industry planning tool called Touchpoints and understanding the elements they have included to develop the study. We talked about the PDA session, where people have a PDA and detail what they are doing every half an hour. I have been to this meeting before, but I was interested in the update.
I thought to myself.... I have heard this somewhere before. Wait a second this sounds like twitter. So why cant we get tools within the twitter site than agencies or anyone can subscribe too to better understand what people are doing especially in the world of web 2.0 and compare to a real world cross over. You could search by active word, compare all the information that people include in their data entry. The usual... age etc. But also people who have blogs read more books and take more photos. People who have a myspace, listen to more music online than radio...but they go to more gigs.

Lets move research into web 2.0

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