Thursday, August 23, 2007

FUSION: is the combining of cultures ruining diversity

Ukrainian Celtic Band

Its an interesting word that coming from a new world country, I love. Because when you have no culture you need to fuse the older ones around you to make something of the current. This word seemed to pop up throughout the trip. Starting with food. My friend discussed how Japanese was taking over the food world in Kiev. That every restaurant had sushi or sashimi. But in one very expensive restaurant when a waiter was asked for some wasabi and soy sauce, their answer was... 'We are a fusion restaurant and we dont use those'. How stupid.. you cant have sushi and sashimi without soy and have to fuse the best parts
So in an ever globalising world where modern culture is being driven in cosmopolitan cities by combining a range of cultures in one place. Is the fusion of everything going to kill the diversity of different cultures and their heritage? Will we all end up the same ?
It doesnt end there. This is a favourite. One of my friends favourite bands in Kiev is a celtic band. She happened to run into them on the street in Edinburgh as they were performing. It seems the head of culture in Scotland is married to a ukrainian woman. She loved the band and helped them come over and perform. Including performing this friday in the council chambers for Ukrainian independence day. I have to say it was the best celtic music I heard all festival.
So although I love a good bit of fusion. Lets hope is doesnt mean the end to cultural diversity. Cause we dont all want to be the same afterall

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