Thursday, September 20, 2007

Perception is not always the reality...

by Claudio Lara on flickr

I was reading an interesting article in newsweek magazine (I know I dont only read things on the internet I do read magazines occasionally) about the high usage of social networks in Brazil. So if you were to talk through your general perception of this bit of information you would probably think of two major things
A: surely there is huge growth in asia for anything to do with the internet at the moment
B: Surely Brazilians have a highly active lifestyle limited internet time to more average
Well that doesnt stop the huge growth and usage of social networks in Brazil. Newsweek talks about how a technology geek that created a social network in Brazil has turned into a national hero (no he doesnt play football). According to newsweek
'they're are largely responsible for the spectacular growth of Orkut's site - Brazilians account for 57% of its 44 million members'
44 Million members. There is only about 35 million on facebook.
Well the next comment would be that maybe they are an extremely well hooked up country. Nope
'This is impressive considering how badly the country is wired. Only a fifth of Brazilians have ever gone online, and fewer than 11 million have web access at home
In doing some strategy work with our digital department lately who live by the numbers. I have started to try and pull out reasons why audiences and groups work in this way in the digital space. Its 'slightly' different for each group but I think in this case it comes down to something I think is quite simple. The Brazilian culture is very social. They are somewhat social animals. Every Brazilian I have met was very friendly, surrounded by a lot of people and some still keep in contact with me years after meeting them travelling. They love the ability to take that even further. Other cultures might also be cultural, but it is in a different way. Competitive to have the most friends or feeling like you truly are connected with a lot of people... I dont know. Just a mind dump

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