Monday, October 08, 2007

Is the 'Information Age' too much for us

I was reading what is becoming my favorite magazine over the weekend.. wired. It had a great article in it about a person's memory and how younger people are forgetting small bits of information as they have it stored on their phones or laptops which are easily accessible. I find this really interesting as for the past almost two years spending a lot more time on the internet and reading a much broader spectrum of information I am starting to forget my sources.
'But where did you source that from' seems to be a comment I hear a lot and often I have to go back and try and remember. Thank you delicious as it is becoming the ultimate bank of information I have read about. But I am struggling a lot with books and magazines. Or TV and radio shows. I have started writing things in my notebook so I can source them.

Working on multiple work projects for different brands and audiences it seems my attention span doesn't last that long at work anymore . So I have to constantly write things down whenever I think about them. The notes section on my mobile phone could be made into a book entitled 'ramblings of a mad man on the London tube'.

I guess I am asking the question, are we forgetting information because we are so connected now that we are too lazy to remember the small details where we read it?. They say that a copy of the New York Times has more information in it than anybody would've ever seen in their lives during the middle ages.... (dont ask me the source I didnt write that one down) So does this connected fast paced life mean that we are not thinking things through properly because we only breeze over the top of the information and dont look to deeply into it or does all these little bits of information fuel deeper thinking. I hope its the latter

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