Friday, November 02, 2007

Music is still trying new avenues

by skintruck, flickr
I cant figure out whether I find what is happening in the music industry sad or cool. The Spice Girls have now signed a deal with Victorias Secret to be the exclusive retailer for the launch of their greatest hits album, as I have seen over here at WSJ.
Is this clutching at straws or is it really smart...... Eric Clapton... bringing the new model home as well with a pay what you think model again.
Madonna the biggest female singer of all time moving to Live Nation and changing her go to market for her coming albums.
This does seem to be happening with renowned performers that have a huge amount of value with their audience. So I supposed it would be cool if this started to happen with brands. What if a brand gave away a huge amount of product with a newspaper like prince for the launch. Then avoided the retailers like tesco and asda ... and only distributed their product through quite a specific retailer with similar audience and brand appeal... like the Spice Girls.

This could get interesting

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