Monday, February 04, 2008

Have we gone a little far with the digital thing

this is one of the kids shots from NHM

Amusingly, as I write this an ad comes on TV for the new digital screen on a pregnancy test because of some research that states a lot of women read the regular ones wrong.
What I wanted to discuss is my trip to the Natural History Museum on the weekend where the Wildlife Photographer of the Year was on show. Although it was all awesome. I was kind of lost with the use of digital screens.

Automatically I just started to question whether they were in fact real photos or computer generated. I saw some fantastically close shots of animals in the wild. The colours were out of this world. But since everything on screen seems computer generated these days. I have lost my faith in the realism of a real and beautiful photograph. I really want the real photos. Maybe Im not so hightec afterall.
Go and check it out. Small note.... it is scary how awesome the shots from the kids section. Creativity and a eye at such a young age is really cool. Its also cool to see parents spending a lot of money on kit for their kids.

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Julie, writer said...

If that’s one of the pictures from the museum then I’m sold. As wonderful as digital technology is, I have to agree that beautifully captured photos will now be under the scrutiny of doubt. Perhaps this is why some people prefer to still use the regular film camera when taking pictures.