Monday, March 24, 2008

Could Social networks be the start of data integration

loaded on the economist
I have been looking into the idea ramifications of social networks lately. I found a very interesting article in the economist discussing how they wont be around for long and we should all hail email as it will have a huge come back as the central place for all our data and content online.

I have always been interested and commented to people on the idea of data integration across all areas of the internet. This article discusses the biggest hurdle which is that none of the companies are truly open to it and will open up their systems. There are people out there trying to fight this currently but I think that social networks are making it all interesting. Try to think about it like this. Facebook can currently see my interests, mood, who I like, what interests we share. Where I holiday etc. I call this the fun data. What happens if you link this data to my more serious data like. When I get paid. When I pay my electricity or phone bill. Then you start to build up a huge amount of understanding of my emotional state as well as my rational behaviour. This will be a marketers wet dream and will make our jobs very interesting. I have also read an interesting article in wired which I will write about on the future of agencies and the staff within them.

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