Monday, March 17, 2008

New Career

Sorry for the lack of posts lately. I have been doing a million different things. Id love to say they are interesting but not really.
With all this on I have to talk about my new potential career. A few weeks back I went to a dinner party whereby each person had to bring someone random. I was supposedly the random one. But I did meet a lovely girl who works operations for a restaurant group in London. She highlighted one of my favourites Pho... which is a vietnamese noodle soup place near my work. Having been to Vietnam I commented on the authenticity (well closest I have had in the western world) and how I have brought many a person to the place from my work and others (I took a mate from Naked London and I hear they also love the place). This lead to an invitation to a new Pho that they are opening, as well as my new job as 'mystery shopper' across the chain's different gastro pubs. I go in get a free meal and just have to comment on the service, food , asthetics etc. I am going to aim to have a BBC show by the end of the year... my dream is coming true. Eating my way around the world. I will make comment when I have done my first one

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