Monday, April 21, 2008

International Nomad

I have always loved this term, as its some what how I see myself. There is a great program on channel 4 dispatches called the Immigration: the inconvenient truth. Which details the change in immigration in the UK from certain countries like Ireland 80's or 90's which has now switched to include a lot more from eastern europe. It seems that the Polish people are starting to go back as there economy grows but there are more other countries like Bulgaria start to take their place. But this works both ways. According to the yougov survey 51% of the population say they also want to move to another country.
The greatest thing I love about this conversation is that the english are angry that they are taking all their jobs. But I guess people have to just learn to work harder and become more competitive. It seems that its the way of the world.... globalisation.

I cant wait for the day when I can travel and work in what ever country I need to or even want to and work easily.

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