Thursday, April 24, 2008

Tell vs Discuss

So we have all spoken about the need to 'get into the conversation' but it seems that some people wont change. I recently spoke to some planners at a creative agency about a pitch they are working on. We discussed the audience and the strengths of territories for creative expression and want people wanted from the brand in the research they conducted. We talked about I feelings on brands havng to do something for people... or create utilities. But what does the creative work do..... it tells people to feel something.... you cant tell people to feel something. Gorilla doesnt tell you to feel happy.... it makes you feel a little bit of joy. It acts in a certain way to facilitate your happiness. Not say 'the gorilla will now scare you into being happy'

I have attached a video here of Noah talking about brands being like humans and that digital gives them the opportunity to act more human than ever. The truth is every human wants to be spoken to, ask there opinion, involved in building something, valued and respected. Not be told what to do. I am even finding this in the work place more now. The whole forceful tell people below or above you what to do, is what I have deemed the 'Gordon Gecko' management structure of 'greed and power being good', and in turn driving forceful control. I believe forward thinking companies and managers are changing this.

So if our work place is becoming more open, mangers are listening more and discussing with their workers and trying to change their ways. Why cant brands......

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