Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Great social media presentation from Neil

I have to point you over to Neil at Only Dead Fish for doing a great rap up presentation. I do believe that media has always had communities. You look at the newspapers in the UK. They have communities around political affiliation, sport or boobs. Likeminded people coming together. We just have the tools and the bandwith to access it faster easier and whenever we want.

I also believe their is a fear in brands constantly going after communities and trying to control them. Im sick of hearing it in meetings and trying to steer clients in the right direction, but they dont see the point in letting go a little. But the great thing about it is, it will come down to natural selection. The strongest will survive and the weakest will be shot down by everyone.

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neilperkin said...

Thanks for the kind words Mike. You make some good points. Magazines also serve communities of likeminded people. And yes, it is often about letting go. In fact the chapter I wrote for the new Age of Conversation book is all about just that :)