Wednesday, July 02, 2008

Innovation vs Invention

Apprehensive, originally uploaded by Brett Jordan.

I had an interesting chat with a planner from a digital agency last night. We were discussing the technology world and the difference between Microsoft and Apple. He made a great comment saying there is a huge difference between innovation and invention.

Innovation: the act of innovating; introduction of new things or methods


Invention: the power or faculty of inventing, devising, or originating

I have often believed that the difference between the two companies is that Apple is created by designers, whereby Microsoft is created by engineers. You could say that designers at Apple drive innovation in the experience of invented products and Microsoft are invent new products that technically are brillant but less useable to the larger populous. I mean look at excel.... it is the greatest software program ever produced. But how many people can use everything included in it. Then look at the OS interface, iPod or iTunes. They are things that are fantastic easy for the masses experiences but they are innovations of a current product.

So does that mean with the growth of brand experience and emotional connection. That apple will be the front end consumer brand and Microsoft will be the back office inventor. How interesting would that be.

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