Thursday, July 31, 2008

Obsessed fans... I think I've become one

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I have never really understood the obsession people have with celebrities or things in general. I know that myself and my friends have addicted personalities and I guess that's where a lot of it comes from. You gain a sense of self from something else. Either they are an aspiration of yours or who you think you are.

I guess I see certain people are good at certain things and I admire them for that. That was until a friend put me onto Paulo Coehlo and a number of his books. I am well behind I know, but most people will probably know the Alchemist which I finished a few weeks back and thought it was awesome. My friend has read all of this books often in a number of languages and we often speak of the differences what we take out of them. There are quite a few distinctive points that he highlights in a number of his books that I completely agree with and I think it links to a mix between who I aspire to be and who I think I am. This is the beginning of the obsession. But the funny thing is I would usually leave this to my personal life and wouldnt comment about that on here. But now he is chasing my work life and doing it brilliantly I might add.

Firstly he is one of the first major published authors to begin giving away his work for free online. Check out his site. Thanks to Aart Hilal who commented on one of my posts about the site. I think we both could have a similar obsession.

Secondly, he has done a great collaboration with an old client of mine... HP to do a great online program to make a movie out of one of his books.

I'm about to scream leave me alone... but the truth is I cant wait to read another book and to see what he does next.

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Paula said...

Hey Mike,

great article. great to see we share the same obsession.
have you seen the artcile that just came out in the Newstatesman?

I'm friend's with Aart :)