Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Emotional Reasonance for Brands in a 2.0 world

Building a Brand 2.0
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I have used a number of these slides for different presentations, so I thought I would attempt to amalgamate all the things I have read from others and try to make some sense of them. Some of it I have taken from other people. Some thoughts I have remixed from others. Some are some what new... who wouldve thought in this control c control v world a new thought. No doubt someone else has had it before.

Thanks to
adaptive path for their great book subject to change
Cluetrain Manifesto
Paul Marsden's Participatory Marketing

Im sure I will add to this at some point. Let me know if you have any additions.


Kyle Studstill said...

I'm especially savvy to moving from "telling" to "facilitating," and to letting people become a part of the process - reminiscent of the slideshow you shared about participation. Thanks for the post!

Tania said...

What happened to the other post with the Universal Mccann report?

mikej said...

sorry tania

My marketing department asked me to wait a bit until they realised it to the media

I will post it again soon

shot me your email address and I will let you know when its up

thanks for checking out my blog

Tania said...

Hi Mikej

Thank you for the answer.

Okay, it was a really good report :) You don't have to let me know when it is online again, I am a very loyal reader of your blog so I am I sure I will see when you post it. I am looking forward reading it more thoroughly.

Thanks again for a great blog.