Wednesday, September 03, 2008

If the content is crap.. who cares what social media you used

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So a collegue passed around this article from contagious magazine, of which I am a huge fan. But I think they have maybe missed a trick here. It comments about how brands have somewhat overtaken music events which I agree with and looks to compare different brands and upcoming events. I like their language around what does the brand add to the entertainment or the event itself.

It comments on Bacardi's La Fiesta event, which is a brand at my agency. I often dont like talking about my work brands, but I believe they do some interesting stuff in the music space. I went to a great event to see Pharell and other DJ's. I like how they have signed Groove Armada like a label would. I did find it amusing how contagious has stated 'aaah ha... who do you think the special guest will be'. Because it is quite obvious. But they have great content. They have reasons that you would want to go to the event. Access to acts that are worthwhile and address the appropriate audience for their brand.

Then they go on to compare the Irish Magners Music sessions and all the great stuff they have done on social media. Which looks really impressive. Until you go to the site and realise its boring irish music. I have been to Ireland travelling and it was great to hear local music from a cultural understanding perspective. But if you want to connect a brand to me and a broader drinking population, I think it definitely misses a trick here.

We all talk about the wonders and the strengths of social media. But a major part of it is the content. If you dont have the content. All the social media in the world wont mean much.

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