Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Discovery => where does it begin ?

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I have been seeing a lot of people talking about audiences that love to 'discover' information. The different things I and other people have written on the idea of 'influencers' and the infosluts as Faris prefers to be called. It also touches on my view of changing our objectives to 'first to know' as opposed to 'everyone to know'. It is about getting messages to these supposedly key people in the chain that will drive WOM which according to Paul Marsden be 5x more as traditional marketing as P&G has foundout. We are all hearing this... but where do we start....

I think its quite I saw a nice video which I posted from clay shirky about the messiness and somewhat human characteristics of the web. But he comments how email has fallen back because its just standard now. Almost like everyone having a mobile phone. Its just expected. But I still think that getting an email is quite personal. It feels like your the only one or of a small few (depending on how its written). I know everyone talks about it but I still get great emails from Nike and Nikeplus. I got a great one showing me videos of different football players from around the world, it felt personal. Not on a huge TV program. It made me feel ahead of the game (being an Aussie in England you need that in football). I sent it to my friends without even thinking.

I gave up my email address to Nike a while ago because they offered me a great experience. But they haven't over stepped the mark. Infrequently they send me a great mix of cool content, drive me to a website for an experience, invite me to cool events, and then occasionally try to sell me product, which I think is fine and have bought some. All by simple emails. This almost seems like a relationship, almost like a conversation.

In this instance I do love how clients have a million different email databases all over the place. I think they need to start using them like they would their friends on their own email list and treat them like you would your friends. I have certain friends that I send certain things to. Rude crude stuff for the boys. Stories about restaurants and bars to my foody friends. Funny stuff to everyone. Work stuff to colleagues. I make it relevant and personal. They often pass it onto their friends and often I have had conversations with people through friends I dont even know.

So what does this mean for clients

* Check your databases and what information you have on people
* Get more info on them if need be
* Use it to send relevant information and things they are interested in
* Create a good mix of content, experiences, fun and selling stuff. As well as timing
* If you wouldnt pass it on, dont expect them too, make them cool for doing it

As a person that works in a media agency Im not supposed to say this. But you have just created your own free media. One that is potentially ever expanding.

So dont be afraid to keep the distribution model simple and free. Then go and concentrate your thinking and money on what cool content, experiences and products you would be happy to send to your friends.

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