Tuesday, February 10, 2009

The power of the link

One thing I tend to find about websites that I really get a lot from is their ability to send me into a completely different direction to find things I have been trying to find for most of my career. I am reminded of this as I see a link for a great site called LabforCulture which the lovely guys at PSFK put me onto, thanks to their twitter feed. It has sent me to a great book which I am going to purchase called the Cultural Economy.

This couldn't be better timing as due to the current economic climate, I am moving out of my role in the UK and taking on a role across EMEA. I am really excited as its going to give me the ability to feed my personal love and interest in different cultures. Therefore this book and in turn website is going to be a huge help in my first few dealings with the different markets.

I love how I was just reading through my feeds and something so relevant pops up. Links are also becoming a major brand perception builder in the news game. In short if you dont have links to other parties then their tends to be a negative perception towards the brand. BBC for obvious reasons is supposedly doing well in this area.

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