Tuesday, February 03, 2009

This is why I love the internet

True to my own personal form. I tend to get a lot of cool music from my friends as I just dont have the time. But I have made a somewhat mythical creature out of one my mates whom I have dubbed 'The cMaN'. He tells me whats going on. He takes me to clubs in Paris... festivals in Eastern Europe and gets me tickets to all sorts of events across London. He shoots through new tracks I havent heard before, but he knows I will love. It makes me look like I know what I am talking about.. when truly I dont. When people ask me where did you get that from 'It came from the cMaN'. Other friends dont ask anymore ... they just say 'cMaN!!' you know it.

The truth is he gets a lot of it from different online players and programs. He does work in the 'industry' as a whole. But the reason I bring it up now is. A group of mates were in the pub and couldnt figure out how many Chromeo remixes there were. So the challenge went out and they have posted them all so far over at Tour De Blog which is another musical friend. The great thing is he didnt go trawling through record stores he just spent a month or so online. I think it aids and abets faris's view of remix culture.

I was thinking the other day what did I used to do as a kid without a mobile phone. Im now thinking about my crappy music collection before the internet...

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