Monday, March 23, 2009

Trends like: Ageless Inspiration

I have been doing more and more work into making trends make sense for some clients I deal with who dont understand what these trends can often mean to their business and how to influence their consumer. They prefer data as that is a language they understand. I have written on the idea of highlighting consumer expectation. But as you get into more and more trends I often find you have to step back and you get a really interesting understanding of what motivates people as a whole. A lot of trend sites just show millions of examples of a couple of key motivations. I am finding this considerably interesting as I move from only working in one market to looking at the similarities and differences across a number of markets.

Check this interesting one out on the ageless inspiration which I think is much broader than just a funny thing on Youtube like this... although it does show how people are gaining comfort from someone who has been through all this before..

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