Monday, April 27, 2009

Curiously Curious.... slow down and log everything

Curiously... curious

Our agency mantra is all about being curious and taking that curiosity into the business realm for our clients. I have always kept a notebook/scrapbook/journal that I paste things in that interest me. But here is a great designer Ken Carbone who takes this to the next level. I found this video of him talking about what interests and motivates him to keep up to date with his journal. I love his view that by concentrating on the objective of his journal. It makes him slow down at exhibitions and in general life so he can truly take it in.

I have written about Paulo Coelhos view on slowing down when you are in foreign countries and how it allows you to draw real insight.

I definately think there is something in that. I need to get back to slowing down ocassionally to really take things in.

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