Monday, June 08, 2009

Thankgod we can stop using the Obama example for the UK

Although it is unbelievable. I am getting a little over seeing Obama as the only great casestudy of this bottom up style world that digital is allowing us to create. Especially as it is very American (sorry but clients want local examples). So it is a bit early. But there is a great grass roots idea that is happening up in Manchester to try and regenerate an old area of the city through group participation. Its called Cutting Room Experiment and is about creating ideas for flash mobs and different events to create interest and conversations around this old area.
Im loving the idea of getting people motivated around an old area of the city. As opposed to just throwing money at it or having lots of parties to developers to try and suck up to them. Or that it is not just for a brand but for the love of the local community. Im going to keep an eye on this one

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erin said...

this is very interesting.

and I can't imagine what the next presidential campaign will be like with Obama's expertise setting in motion an actual communications revolution. what he did was genius.

maybe the cutting room experiment will be the same. the way I see it, if you're thinking outside the box and taking risks, you're more likely to be genius anyway.