Monday, August 10, 2009

Blurring the lines, 'its like going home with a hot chick only to find out in the morning you have to pay

There was a recent bit of fun that a creative team in an Australian agency did to test whether creativity works. They took a simple bmx bike on eBay and tested whether their creativity could in fact get more money for the bike. Check the video out. But also read this article. As there seems to be a running issue in Australia that agencies tend to be playing on the real side, when in fact it is not real with a lot of fakes coming out of the wood work. I love the comment that

'I felt, I imagine, like someone who sleeps with a beautiful woman believing she’s enjoying his good looks and wit, only to discovers in the morning that they’ve accidentally bedded a prostitute who’s now waiting to be paid.'

Maybe they just need to stop the fakkies in Aus. Otherwise they are going to piss off a lot of people. Cool idea though

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erin said...

that was rad to the power of sick Mike! high five.