Monday, September 13, 2010

The future has always fascinated me....

It has been a while and I apologise but a lot has been going on. I have now taken a role at omduk working on the ever impressive channel 4 in the UK. This is a brand that has been renowned for pushing the boundaries and it seems they have lost their way a little bit. But with a new CEO (Dave Abrahams, ex St Lukes advertising and man that launched Dave in the UK) its actually an exciting time for the business.
Not only that ... but we have been asked about the future for their channels... which pretty much means I need to start accumulating everything I have written on this blog over the past 4 odd years and turn it into something useful to create a plan of the future for some of the Ch4 channels. How exciting. So I hope to share more things that I find along the way in the coming months as I try and pull it altogether.

here's a start... I love what penguin have done over the past few years taking a very different approach to publishing. First of all creating a brand.. which was weird enough in itself... but now truly taking on the digital world. Flo and the guys at Dare have created an awesome app for the launch of Stephen Fry's book which you can get here. It breaks the book up into chunks so you can read it from any entry point depending on the tag you chose. I often read things and want to tag them to remember at a later point. So this is an awesome way to do that. check it out

keep your eyes out for other future stuff I will be posting

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