Friday, December 03, 2010

Please make the choice for me ???

With a new TV client I have been thinking a lot about 'habit as opposed to loyalty' as well as herd behaviour. One of the avenues I have been looking into is the elements of behavioural economics which it seems a lot of people are looking into (I know I am apart of the herd). A few recent events for the IPA and APG brought up a lot of things that I have been reading and thinking about and people gave some great examples that helped to give it context.

The interesting thing is 'we are bloody lazy'. The more choice anyone is given the more you search for short cuts or ways out in general of making decisions. I remember the first time I ever walked into an Asda, I turned around and walked straight out again. No way in hell was I ever going to get through that place alive. It is an interesting perspective. Do we use the TESCO Expresses because they are just conveniently located or is their convenience grounded in their simplicity.

I have found over the years that I have gone from a direct determined decision maker to a lazy 'no you choose what we should have from the menu' and this isnt from a girlfriend either. How many times have you just surfed the TV looking for something to watch ? How many times have you argued with friends or housemates on what movie to watch 'you choose, no you'(we call the game 'Baggs Not'. Well guess what ? soon we wont have to choose. The machine will choose for us. So next year you will see the launch of youview in the UK which is an on-demand version of freeview (UK) but your EPG goes backwards as well as forwards as it is plugged into your broadband connecting with all on-demand channels from the internet right on your TV. For only like £180 (EST). But the kicker comes when as they bring out new versions of the box it will eventually turn into an amazon style recommendation engine. You watched this... so we think you'd like this. What happens when that links to your social network. Watch the video above. A friend and I came up with a similar 'media recommendation website' ingrained in one of the top portals who was a client e but at the time they didnt get what we meant. Which links quite nicely to the current book I am reading Making Ideas Happen from the guys at Behance. Which highlights why ideas fall down but that is for another post.


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