Friday, June 03, 2011

Binge thinking a new addiction

I have found with pushing a few more years older and days thinking way to much about people and what motivates them. I have found myself 'binge thinking'. Not only am I binge thinking on my own, but I drag friends in whenever I feel I need a stronger hit. It gets worse as I reach out to new experiences and people to expand my binging into a full blown obsessive addiction. It seems I am not the only one thank god.

I had noticed that there was a large amount of workshops and mental experiences happening all over the place no matter where I went. Im a huge fan of the school of life which included a present I bought myself for xmas on how to make a digital creature and also my friends bought me a day in epicuriosity across London. Last year for a friends birthday , instead of just going out and getting hammered I took him for a tour across London to all the great areas that inspire my thought. From cafes to food markets, to museums to pubs, too finally clubs.

I realised this had gotten even bigger when I saw that a great London pub, The Paradise had created a bunch of events on a guide to living. It seems that brands are jumping on the thinkbinge wagon as I actually stole the term from an article I read on the Evening Standard website.

Here is a bit of a list that started my thoughts

Just to name a few. So with a market that seems to be trying to grab people's attention by teaching them something. How can you differentiate even within all that

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