Sunday, February 24, 2013

Behavioural Economics at Barcampnfp

I was lucky enough on thursday 21st to go along to the unconference Barcampnfp. It was an unconference as there was no organised speakers and everyone has to participate. It was a great day at the lovely mozilla offices in Covent Garden. It had a great list of 'conversations' with some people asking to discuss certain topics as well as people bringing along topics to discuss. As I was unaware how the day worked ... it seems I over prepared. Considering I wrote it at 4am with jetlag in the morning before.I wasnt too worried

I discussed a topic that I love talking to people about in social media or technical roles. That is the idea of people's behaviour or a little behavioural economics. That all the technology in the world doesnt matter if it doesnt work with people's behaviour (Internet fridge anyone ???). It seemed to go down relatively well with some interesting questions / comments made.

A couple of points I made if people are interested

Dr Nick at Warwick University is actually Dr Nick Chater who runs their Behavioural Economics unit that works with companies, as well as governments and not for profits.

I also highlighted that Warwick and the Design Council have also come together to create the Behavioural Design Lab. This is taking behavioural insights and coupling it with a subject I am currently studying 'design thinking'. A design led methodology to create innovation

Hope you found it useful

Reflection note for myself: write down notes from what people discussed. Questions asked, comments made to share here for future use

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