Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Collective Intelligence

After scouring a lot of different blogs and starting my own. I am starting to get caught up in this world of 'collective intelligence' and new sharing styles of technology that is driving towards this paradigm shifting era. Organic Frog had a great post the other day which has led me to chase some more information down. There are a couple of great articles on how from a technical point of view how you can make this happen.

Dion Hinchcliffe has written five great ways to harness collective intelligence. Its a great run through. But its more about the technology of the side.

I have also found an article that is more interesting, as it shows how this development in technology can feed a completely different style of business in the new knowledge driven commercial world. Its from George Por who is regarded as one of the pioneers of CI. In his article Quest for Collective Intelligence he highlights the need for a strong community nervous system that will enable collective intelligence to drive business prosperity. By ‘electrifying’ this nervous system you create an infrastructure that will self organise and self improve the community’s collective intelligence. It was written ten years ago and doesnt take into account all the new sharing technology that is becoming mass.
There are four key areas to developing this nervous system:

1.Communication: using all elements of communication and both virtual and physical. Then logging them all on a server or host to allow everybody to access and add to within timeframes that are flexible.

2.Coordination: Evolving company processes and systems as everyone’s open involvement will drive a greater efficiency and way of working.

3.Memory/Knowledge Management: to support a sense of collective identity and develop the community's learning by enabling rapid sharing of recorded experiences and other knowledge resources.

4.Learning: The company and participants need to commit resources, clearly articulate and periodic re-assess the community's short and long term learning needs as apart of a continual learning company ethic.

If anyone has anything else on this. I'd love to see it

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