Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Loving Nu-Jazz and Beer

There are a million companies out there creating content with professionals in areas that their audience loves. But a personal favourite which I found quite a while ago. But came back to me on an email from Gilles's new website. Is Gilles Peterson's partnership with Brahma where he made a trip to Brazil creating podcasts about local talent. Its awesome for the following reasons:

1. I love beer and I was working with a beer distributor on launching Brahma in Aus a while back, so I have been carefully watching it (to the point where I followed some of its marketing when i was in the Ukraine, not in english).

2. I love Nujazz and I love Gilles's albums

3. Gilles has a thing with Brazil as many of his albums previous to this were centred around Brazilian music and you can understand his passion in the podcasts.

4.And who doesnt love Brazil. Since I was a kid I have always wanted to travel through South America and I will probably head to Sao Paulo next year

5. I love hearing about other cultures

Now from a work sense. It perfectly speaks to the older age group that would be in a nice bar or Jazz club. The tone of the music is a symbol of the brand and really aids in driving the Brazilian feel which aids to the overall positioning of Brahma. The podcasts give us a little taste of something that a lot people question. What is Brazil like.
It has pulled away from every alcoholic brand in music from the Heineken in dance to Carling in indie. They have made something in music they can own. They have developed in a cheap and useful way

I love it. Onwards to a Brazilian bar I say

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