Thursday, November 30, 2006

Lonelygirl15 - Future of TV

A lonelygirl15 video was sent to me quite a few months ago by some friends who questioned the quality of the video, how it was cut etc. But since I have been in the market for a Macbook Pro I have started to believe with enough money it can be done. So seeing a couple I believed it was somewhat real and got a bit lost in it

Finding out it was a scam. i think I saw a lot of videos on youtube and finally read a good article on Wired. A lot of people seemed angry. But I kind of like how real it was. How you felt sorry for her and wanted to come back to see how she was. Gee this sounds like a TV show or a soap opera. But it all seemed more real. When reality TV hit people went funny about looking into peoples lives. But they love it now. Maybe thats the next step in TV programs. Not knowing if its real or made up. This is the next step in controllable TV. Not just the time, place and program, but you could change the story line. Have decisions each week and vote for them. That would bring more people in, just like voting for your favourite idol. Its like extending peoples love of the Subservient Chicken. But now its with a story of someones life.

So what if its a scam. I think, if they can get it by what is a quite and on the ball online society then they deserve praise. Not anger and ridicule. So bring more on I say.... It will be good to see what the guys who developed this, develop next.

I hope they keep up their casting quality as well

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