Saturday, December 09, 2006

Using habits or even rituals to sell products

Im not hear to talk about Russell's WW coffee shop meetings. More about my love of coffee (this was reintroduced in Spain as they know how to make strong coffee, where the UK loves tea and struggles with their coffee). Bt it also made me think about not just the coffee but my habitual or ritualistic coffee experience every morning. An ex collegue recently came to the UK and asked. 'Where is your new coffee shop now'. In four separate companies I have worked for, I always find a small nice, local coffee shop, befriend the people there and buy everyone near my desk, there coffees each morning. I feel weird in the morning if I dont do it Its apart of my daily routine, like showering.

I believe that we all have these and in some cases it is our job to break these habits for our clients. Or maybe we could start a ritual that brings comfort to individuals and makes our product standout. Like lime in a Corona, or waiting for your Guiness. Ritualistic consumption is an interesting response to any brief.

Whatever Starbucks or Nero do in their marketing you can't stop or change this habit of mine for the little local guy. (one place actually shut down 6 months after I left that agency)

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