Monday, December 11, 2006

Modern Art or Obscurity

In the last year or so I have been going to a lot of modern art museums across different countries and cities. I have to say 95% of what I see I dont really like. But I do continue to go and see different exhibitions. I have been asking myself why I keep going back, if Im not really into it. Then whilst in Barcelona, looking at some weird art on the street I realised what it is. I love the experience of staring at something and asking 'what the ??'. Modern art I guess is someone's different way of translating something . Its often the obscurity I enjoy more than the art itself.

I think it makes me look at things differently and question things from a different angle. So I have decided to stop calling it art and just call it 'obscurity'. So I have set up a section in my flickr about obscure things that I saw in Barcelona and Im going to go back through all my photos and see what else I can include

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