Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Transmedia Planning in Lehman’s Terms

Well after spending a week in coffee shops reading Convergence Culture which Faris at TIGS stated was the basis for their idea of 'Transmedia Planning' I think I get it. I love the creation and discussion around new ideologies or new communications models. Its something I always throw around in my head and try to create. But when someone else creates them, my questioning nature needs to look a little deeper. So I have done a bit of a linear slide about the storyline of the Matrix from the book and how different elements added to what HenryJenkins entitled overall 'World' that the Matrix franchise was about. Not just a trilogy of movies. This does not include all the elements discussed. Its all I could fit on the slide. The green bars include online discussion groups, comic books and consumer created elements or story discussion on the overall.

I have always been annoyed at how we all dont use the frequency of their communications to the great affect. 'Lets get a frequency of 4 across all media is how it starts'. But lets say the same thing over and over again. This way each time an exposure hits someone. Its tells them something different. You should like us for this reason and this and this. It also allows people to come in at different points. I only saw the movies. But didnt feel lost. Im upset cause I felt there was so much to it all that I missed. It also dives interest and involvement through the games and the online discussion groups. By playing a element of the game you feel like you have built the next part of the story. Which was in the next movie.

So I thought I'd have a go with the current BT's Homehub campaign in the UK. The TV ads have created a story around a guy who has just moved in with his girlfriend who is divorced and has two kids. Some elements have already happened. But I have just added a few more elements

The great thing about this campaign is that you can pull the characters out of the main story and talk to different audiences through a story with the likeminded character. The guy can talk to other males build a community around him and his point of view. The women can talk to other women about the scenario and get them involved. You could even do a kids part and communicate the strengths of the product to kids directly and allow them to be involved. I have also left a part to allow the audience to choose the next part of the story.

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