Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Likeminded Communities

Well due to my current transit phase in Australia waiting for a visa. I have spent a lot of time at the beach and in cafes watching people. I sat in a cafe in paddington early one morning chatting with a friend. Until I was all of a sudden surrounded by about 25 cyclists. From 18 to mid 50's. All chatting about their favourite hobby. It made me think of likemind NY and all the others (sorry Noah not going to be in London). Also spending a lot of time with some surfer buddies. I see a real tight community that has their own language and style, everything.

Well Im sure everyone has had 'lets tap into communities' or a niche product that talks directly to them. Faris has shown some work from Simon Walden about how media companies are developing their role around this. I have also seen an american guy who is working with top publishers to create community driven websites for top national publishers. (sorry couldnt find the website)

This has really caught me, as I am sure you have all seen 'we need to drive more relevance' on most briefs and brand tracking studies. So I have tried to think around two different models. I have used Evian water as an example because water is a mass product:

1. Multi Niche for the Masses
Talking to multiple audiences specifically about something they relate to. This is the combined force of all. Not just a mass communication for all. Lots of little things as Trevor Beattie likes to say.

2. Singular Niche that the Masses aspire to.....
I think coke do this quite well with their summer stuff 'the beach is calling' (maybe its only in Aus). But is a community that the broad masses aspire to well.

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