Friday, February 02, 2007

Can you steal brands across countries ??

A few years back when I was living in Aus. They launched a smoothie brand called Nudie. It was highly regarded as the way forward in creating a new brand/product. It was utilised to depict athe way companies will turn in mass in a world of product parity. It was all about the way it was developed, purely from a brand perspective as opposed to a product one and I got addicted to them. A key player in the industry also helped his mate to launch it, so it added to the PR.

Then the truth came out............

Both the brand and product idea were stolen from a brand in the UK called Innocent which had done it all before.

Can you steal 'the full brand experience' or even a product from another country? A lot of the tactics that were used by both companies were detailed in the book 'the Pirate Inside'.

But the idea is the same......

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Amelia said...

Do you know if it still exists and is doing well? I remember talking to the Innocent boys about this and why they did not sue the company (there is also a Brazilian one that is practically identical), they said that it was expensive, hard to prove and I guess not very "innocent"
Did you see the discussion that this Innocent post generated, thought it was quite interesting