Friday, February 23, 2007

A weeks posts in one.

Well I have had a busy week and with my so called new Macbook not working. Its been a little hard. So I am going to do this quick and short.

Firstly........ Mashup

A term used to identify the combination of software programs or music. But I did some work with a friend who was looking at the launch of a converged handheld unit with business and personal apps. We thought about it and realised the audience's lives are 'Mashed Up'. Boundaries are being broken everyday.

1.Collegues and friends are the same.
2.You wear a suit one minute to a live show, then take it off on the way to a club to go rancid with your friends.
3.Food fusion across cultures is awesome (tandoori chicken pizza)
What stood in one place now fuses across many.

I have a Chinese friend who took a chinese girl on a date to Dim Sum. He was appalled that she wore very revealing clothing and spoke in a rude manner. Yet on a Saturday night in a club, that’s what he would be searching for. Fusing his conservative manor with his wild one

I remembered this going to see dan le sac VS scroobius pip at a friends party BLP (check it out they are moving it to 93Feet east on sundays) mashing up electro, indie, hip hop and a few others.
Its also a mental state people now utilise. I have my work demeanour, my friends demeanour, my meeting the girlfriends parents demeanour, older people demeanour etc. Even our personalities are Mashed Up.....

secondly.... Musicovery

I love this site. If it had more music that I was into, it would be awesome. I love the program that links the music within the genre and its influences. I'd love to create a program like this to help map my daily thoughts and how each element helped or influenced my direction. As well as what sent me off on a tangent. Great way to explain things to people

Thirdly....The movie the Sentinel

I saw this on the plane to Aus and it had a comment in it that I feel is one of my biggest weaknesses and a big one for a lot of people in our industry. Keifer Sutherlands character is a Secret Service agent that turns up to a murder scene that local police have given a 'gut feeling' on.

He stated 'My problem with gut feelings is, once you have them the only evidence you see is the evidence that reinforces your feeling, its human nature'

This is definitely my number one weakness. Usually I try to read as much on the subject as possible before I get 'the feeling'. But its something we have to be open to in case something does come through we didnt expect.

Move is ok... its got Eva Longoria in it so that helps

I had more but I cant find my notebook which had my random thoughts in it

Have a good weekend

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