Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Why can they do it better ???

Jason Oke over at the Leos Toronto blog showed me a great link over at Here be monsters on what we can learn from TV producers. It talks about how the different professionals within a TV company can work together for the end result. I have a friend that always uses the analogy of a how a group of different specialists can come together to develop a car. Designers for the exterior, interior, engineers for gearbox, engine, onboard computers etc. Why can they get it together and not the marketing industry. So I started thinking about different industries that contain collaboration of different styles of people in the process. What other industries come together.

Computer Manufacturers

Car Manufacturers

Im sure the list could go on. So why do they work well together. They all have the same goal in mind. Creating the best overall product / service. Not just their element. Maybe we should all start to have a look at what they do and start stealing some techniques.

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