Sunday, March 04, 2007

Account vs Media Planner - the argument continues

I went to one of the IPA debates the other day. To see Simon Francis the MD of OMD Europe take on Hooper Griffin of BBH on the topic of 'Who should own the consumer insight'. Im only going to highlight a couple of things I agreed with. As it is a long an ardious fight that I believe has gone on for too long, when its quite simple

1. No one owns anything
2. Be imaginative with any information you have
3. Dont stand behind your black box of information. Stand in front of it (love that comment Simon)
4. We should share everything - across agencies
5. Its not about the people that can read and present the information. Its about those that can interpret and utilise to their clients business are the ones that are truely the most important.

One thing that really stood out was the way in which Simon discussed how even as one of the biggest media operations in the world. How they kept good talent by continuing to build small companies for them to run. To really drive that Entreprenurial spirit. The MD of the London office was sitting there. He is 32. Goodstuff, invents all there other companies. It was good to see

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