Saturday, March 24, 2007

Are you being served ??

As per usual, some great writing from Faris has sparked and helped to clarify some of my own thoughts on how companies selling products are starting to utilise different levels of service to expand the positive perceptions of the brand and standout in the market.

His article about win-win marketing is a bit of a favourite topic of his and its an area that I enjoy as well. When I discuss how our industry have to started making things like Nokia's Music Recommender with my friends outside the industry. They dont understand why ??? 'dont you just do ads'. I always return with. We have been stealing people's precious time for years with messages in their face. Its about time we gave something back.

So brands are starting to give service to the needs of their audiences with added elements that live in the world of their products.

Insurance companies are helping people live healthier lives - Pruhealth Vitality

Nike is always a winner in this area with my favourite one - Nikeplus

Zoggs which is a swimming brand from Australia have started to try and take on Speedo with a training program.

So brands are starting to show their insights into the audience and the world that their products live in and give a little service instead of continuing to steal their time like we have been for years.

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