Saturday, March 17, 2007

The first brand experience you have...the website.

A number one hatred I have, is client's websites. Most are rational and uninspiring.

It is the first point of call for so many people and brands these days. The numbers of people looking at websites before they go shopping for anything is increasing. I went to check out a place to live the other day and the person who's house it was, had already checked out the company I worked for from my email address.

So to give it an analogy that everyone will understand. Its like having a TV ad like this one

As opposed to something like this

I think we need to talk to clients about how to use their websites as a communication channel just as much as their new TV ads. Maybe even spend more time discussing how to utilise it as a channel to get the information across, more than their 30 or 60 secs on TV. Or the individual roles each can play in the overall picture.

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