Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Using what and who you know

Uploaded by Mikej. My Favourite Method Actor Vincent D'Onofrio (Full Metal Jacket)

I was checking out the latest nominations for post of the month and I went over to check out Casper Willer's method planning. I love the idea of crossing method acting with planning. This kind of crosses close to an interesting idea of ethnographic research (or just stalking people). But one thing I think you miss is the real emotional part of people's lives.

I have always been lucky to know (and try and continue to extend my knowledge) of a wide range of people (to the point where most international trips I have been on I tend to run into someone). Knowing people at different age groups, family situations, jobs etc starts to play into Casper's cross of method acting. Knowing them on a personal level enables you to draw on the 'emotional conditions' of the individual.
My favourite was small business owners. My dad and his friends, as well as some other younger friends helped me tap into their emotional condition which wasnt aspirational like most research will tell you. It came down to
1. surviving
2. living the life they wanted (eg: my dad playing golf twice a week with his mates or my mate surfing til ten before work)
so get out there and meet people I say

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If you're into D'Onofrio, you really ought to check out my blog and the links in my blogroll.

Method planning...an interesting idea!

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