Thursday, May 31, 2007

Facebook Platform... oh yeah

Well as the guys from facebook announced they will become an open platform for software developers to make money from. They have really pulled themselves away from the pack with something that will not only be great for users but also the small developers which have been either squashed or bought by the big guns. I have had quite a few discussions with people about this from a business perspective. Its great for their R&D budget, new applications will keep people coming back blah blah. It also addresses some of the things we were discussing over at accountplan.ning.
But now I have seen it from a users perspective. I have just signed up for iLike. This is awesome. Not only links my favourite music, but allows me to buy concert tickets and see who else is going. People think I have quite a broad and interesting music taste. But it all comes from friends who are in the industry or just really into music and put me onto things they know I will like... this makes it easier..Brillant

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