Monday, May 14, 2007

Hidden Lives ....

I found this great Australian site called hidden lives over at one of my fav's Lost at E Minor. The site has been developed to let go of all those things in your life that people dont know. Instead of the characters that people create of themselves to signify what they want people to think about them, which is paramount on social networking sites. It allows you to upload the parts in the background that nobody knows. I always find that area of people’s lives interesting. Working with people for years... but never really knowing anything about them. I tend to hold back a lot about my past life, family, past friends, experiences etc. Maybe this is the place to let it all loose.

I heard once that photos on sites like flickr are the images that people aspire to be in their lives , even if they are of them. So a mate and I in the pub after the event said. Well if that’s the case, then your iPod is what you don’t want people to see. Everyone has a whole bunch of albums and tracks on their iPod that are embarrassing. Now you can have this site as well to add to that

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