Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Risk Managers getting involved with Online

I went to an interesting presentation from AOL yesterday. Other than a mile of numbers charts which, although I grew up in media I get very bored of quickly. There is one thing I took out of it all. Risk Managers our now getting involved in how to work with online world. AOL commented that they were contacted by a consulting firm on how they could create a risk management product around negative publicity online. Here's an example of one in the states that supposedly crippled the company by $80million odd

People all across the US were sueing the company because after this came out. Their bikes started to get stolen.

I think this is really awesome. We are starting to see that the difference between the launch of print or TV as a media channel vs the launch of a real communication channel. There is plenty of things that say Web 2.0 is real democracy, which I have posted on before. But companies are starting to take this seriously. I cant wait to see how consultants end up working with media companies or PR agencies on how to develop programs to limit the risk.

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