Tuesday, July 03, 2007

Why I love cities like London and New York

So I came to London to live after being here a few times before. 'Do the time' as they say. But after a short amount of time, I really started to love things about this place that I couldnt explain to others exactly what that was. I was never really into art or anything cultural. But I started going to a lot of small galleries and underground music events. I really started to broaden my perspective on what I thought of the term culture.
I have recently been reading a book called 'The Rise of the Creative Class' which was written by an American and discusses the strength of creative cities through a number of factors:

Bohemian Index / Diversity index / Gay Index / Creativity Index

All these areas have lead to the most creative cities in America. With San Fransico being at the top of the list. It discusses how people like the openess of the culture that includes ethnic groups and a large gay scene. This openness leads to a huge amount of creativity in the cities. Talented creative people want to move to these places as they are more open to allow any differences in people and personalities. Under ground music and art scenes. Not huge centres for art but that little one around the corner where the artists sit and have coffee whilst chatting to everyone. Like East London or Soho in New York. Its a huge cluster of interesting people all melting together openning each other up to a wider opportunities and opinions

It really has crystalised why I love living in London. This city continues to show me something new and make me look at things differently. My brain has gone nuts since I moved here and it continues to. Hence the need for this blog. To put it all somewhere

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erin said...

I couldn't agree with you more. I think I need to get that book. :)

Here in New York now after years of searching for a city that resembled the professional passion and enthusiasm that came naturally to me, I feel like this is where I'm supposed to be. It's weird and awesome.

There is so much in this city to do and look at and create and talk about, my mind is definitely going to go crazy. And so I'm glad too that I have a blog to store my excitement.

glad these cities exist for people like us. :)