Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Andy Warhol could break down the silos

So after a bit of an Andy Warholathon after the past few weeks in Scotland. I found out that he originally worked in advertising. In light of that I started to realise that he could do it all. Art Director, Copy Writer, Package Designer, Brand Identity, Film Producer and Director the list goes on. He even utilises frequency of images, just like a media planner.
Although Im a little touchy about art, as I am not a huge fan in general. He is the one artists that I love the most and will always go and see. I love how he cuts through the culture of the timeframe / group / society in everything he does. I bought a few things at the Edinburgh festival gallery (which was awesome, get there if you get a chance). One of my favourites was 'everyone in the world will get there 15 minutes of fame' is that a link to UGC... I dont know.
If you want to see some of his quotes I photo'd some from his exhibit in Glasgow. Check it out my flickr set obscurity

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