Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Overcomplicating something thats quite simple

There is one thing that gets on my goat about marketing. We overcomplicate things that are relatively simple. I was thinking about this when I went along and saw the Dali exhibit at the Tate Modern over the weekend. Reading the small paragraphs that were written about each piece. I began to wonder how hard do these art types want to make it. Making it more simple for people will broaden out its appeal and truely make art and cultural experiences for more people. I do believe that people are becoming more complicated and enjoy elements of indepth thinking towards marketing or art. But I think we have all gone too far.
Look at this photo above. At Notting Hill Carnival. Just had some Jerk Chicken and a Goat Curry.... what would those two things do.... make me thirsty. What do I want... BEER. Now we just need the brand to find is simple way into my hand at this point, without me having to think too hard about it. Going to have to be red stripe isnt it. Sometimes things are just simple

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